Rocha GC understands the importance of taking an approach to business challenges that is aggressive, efficient, creative, and in line with the company’s goals. Attorney William Rocha’s real-world experience as a General Counsel makes him uniquely qualified to advise businesses on the risks and benefits of a proposed litigation strategy, as an in-house attorney's job is to develop a strategy that best suits the client’s business needs and its budget.

Rocha GC can handle a broad range of business disputes and has litigated cases before state and federal courts throughout Massachusetts, including breach of contract, fraud, leasing issues, unpaid invoices, and discrimination/harassment matters. Attorney Rocha has also argued before various administrative agencies, including the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination, the New York Division of Human Rights, and the Department of Unemployment Assistance. Rocha GC can hit the ground running and is available for every aspect of the litigation process, from attending early meetings and court appearances, to conducting discovery, drafting dispositive motions, handling settlement negotiations, and going to trial if necessary. Rocha GC is also able to counsel clients on risk prevention and other pre-litigation matters, including the legal ramifications of contemplated business decisions and ensuring compliance with ever-changing laws and regulations.

Rocha GC offers flexible, below-market rates and alternative billing options, including flat, hourly and hybrid billing.

For more information on Rocha GC's Litigation Practice, contact Bill Rocha by email at or phone at (617) 419-2028.