General Corporate Matters

Rocha GC is experienced at providing strategic legal advice to privately-owned small and mid-size companies. Attorney William Rocha’s current work as General Counsel at a 500+ employee business provides him valuable insight into the role that legal advice plays in a company’s decision-making process. He is skilled at evaluating and weighing multiple factors, both internal and external, and in analyzing legal impact and potential risk. He also recognizes the importance of providing practical, well-supported legal advice so that his clients have the information they need to proceed with a decision or course of action. Once a decision is made, Rocha GC is available to support the company with legal or implementation issues that may arise - including litigation where necessary.

Rocha GC works closely with its clients to learn their businesses and cultures. This allows the firm to counsel clients on business relationships and partnerships, whether in their everyday operations or in connection with a potential growth opportunity.

Rocha GC is available to draft, review or negotiate a wide variety of business agreements, including licensing, leasing, non-disclosures, and employment. This includes contracts originated by the company or those received by the business as part of a transaction.

Rocha GC offers flexible, below-market rates and alternative billing options, including flat, hourly and hybrid billing.

For more information on Rocha GC's Corporate Practice, contact Bill Rocha by email at or phone at (617) 419-2028.