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About Rocha GC, LLC

Rocha GC, LLC provides small and midsize companies access to a practicing General Counsel and former V.P. of Human Resources for a 500+ employee company. As a result of the business acumen honed from real-world general counsel and HR experience, Rocha GC understands that legal advice plays a circumscribed but crucial role in a company’s decision-making process. Thus, whether handling litigation, general corporate legal issues, or employment/human resources matters, Rocha GC applies this experience and knowledge to help companies navigate the legal minefields faced when making decisions.

Rocha GC recognizes that many companies desire to have an attorney onsite, but do not have the legal workload required to employ an attorney full-time. Thus, where possible, Rocha GC can provide its services in full or half day timeslots at corporate locations within the Greater Boston or Bristol County area – giving its clients uninterrupted access to legal advice.*

Rocha GC’s nimble size and efficient operations allow for billing rates below those demanded by large law firms. In addition, Rocha GC offers alternative rate structures, including flat-fees for half or full-day work, allowing companies to better budget legal expenses. You are invited to contact Rocha GC for more information.

Practice Areas

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